by 3baid

Hi. I had to start new. I woke up this morning with so many thoughts and ideas swirling on my mind that I could barely resist the urge to find a space for me to pour it all out on. These are my thoughts.

Even as I’m writing this, my mind is loudly reminding me of that article about the benefits of journaling. It said something along the lines of, “if you want to free your mind, you have to stop editing and just put down the words as they come to you”. Fine, I’ll try. I’ll leave it all up to the WordPress grammar and spell checkers from now on.

I can’t write all my thoughts though, I’m sure you know why. Some thoughts can be offensive, others private, or probably won’t make sense and I’m not going to put in the effort to articulate them. Sorry. I don’t think many of you care, and those who do, shouldn’t.

The general theme that I’m planning to follow is simply, “nice things”. Why? Well, I mean come on, 2011 was bad enough. Steve Jobs died, the guy who invented the C language died, Egypt went through is still going through a revolution, let’s not mention other nations, and then there’s the occupy wallstreet movement. Oh, almost forgot, there’s SOPA, the internet censorship fiasco.

Yup, the world is pretty bad at the moment. I need to focus on what inspires me and what I’m passionate about. If I can’t bring myself to get excited about anything anymore, then there’s no point in getting up in the morning. It’s December and the weather has been getting really cold, so I might as well just stay in bed all day instead, you know?

Because this will be is the first post, I’m going to point out a few things about this blog, a few about my choices. For my own sake even. First, I hate long posts, and I’d make my posts shorter if it were possible, but I want to stick with having one post per day, so if you’re scrolling through this, you’re better off visiting other websites or checking back later when you have better time. By the way, I can’t promise posting every single day, it has to be meaningful somewhat.

If reading slowly isn’t your thing, perhaps you could help yourself with a cup of hot chocolate, or tea, or coffee, or whatever beverage you fancy to ease your mind. After all, you might enjoy it.

Doesn’t it seem odd that we’re always running out of time these days? It’s getting harder to focus on doing just one thing before something else jumps at you. A tweet, an email, a message, a call, ooh look a cute kitty picture! Distractions are evil.

Speaking of, don’t expect to see too many pictures here. I know, posts without images are quite boring, but that’s just the way it has got to be, otherwise I won’t focus on writing and fiddle with other things here and there.

Back to the topic of time and distractions. Here’s a funny question: isn’t technology supposed to help reduce the amount of work we do? Was it not designed to give us more capabilities? Allow us to be productive by eliminating repetitive tasks? Be “the bicycle of the mind”? The way I see it, most people just use it as a source of entertainment: games, music, movies, video, random pictures, chat. Very few people make music, make movies or create world simulations, collaborate effectively or solve problems. They are probably, on average, less productive than what they were using pen and paper, don’t you agree? No, wait, if there’s anything people managed to do, it was to start revolutions using technology. Heh.

I’m going to try to keep this space as simple as possible. I picked the manifest theme because it’s free of clutter and I also plan on removing the footers at the bottom for a simple reason. Who would want to browse the archives by a particular date or month? Or looks up tags? Those things were made for search engines! You are a human, use the search field to find what you’re looking for!

Oh and same thing goes for those “share” buttons. What a waste of space. Are people so lazy that they can’t copy the URL or permalink and paste it on their social feeds? I can sympathise with those using their phones, maybe, but on modern computers where people spend most of their online time on social network sites, it’s pathetic.