Not Enough Internet Subscribers

by 3baid

By my estimates, and I’m not just guessing, there are no more than 110 thousand residential internet subscriptions in Kuwait. That’s very disappointing. Even when you consider that these subscriptions are probably shared among house members, let’s assume an average of 5 people per household, it still only adds up to 550 thousand internet users.

The 2010 estimate for Kuwait’s population was 3.5 million, 33.9% of which were Kuwaiti nationals. That means there were no more than 1.2 million Kuwaitis. Now let’s make a crazy assumption that 80% of all internet subscriptions sold were exclusive to Kuwaiti homes. We find 440 Kuwaitis with access to internet out of 1.2 million, or 37%.

Out of every 5 Kuwaiti homes, only 2 have internet access.