You have to buy. It’s for your own good.

by 3baid

Have you noticed how most of the stores in shopping malls have been discounting their products? Heavily promoting their “last batch” or “limited edition” product line? It’s not because of Christmas, or new year, or change of season. The reason is that these stores are about to reach the end of their fiscal year. That means they have to clear out their stocks and work extra hard to persuade customers to buy their products so that their sales figures look good on the annual report. It’s a race against time to get the most money out of people’s pockets and keep managers and owners happy.

“Try this perfume!”

“Buy this jacket, it’s the last one we have!”

“50% Sale”

“Sorry, we don’t have that anymore, it’s sold out. How about the other one? It’s almost the same! We only have a few left!”

As for the few stores that are not in panic mode, they have probably reached their sales targets already.