How many emails do you get?

by 3baid

Log into your Gmail account and type this in the search field: “after:2011/11/1 before:2011/12/1 -(subject:chat with)”, then navigate to the oldest page to find out how many email threads you’ve received for the month of November of this year.

I got 358 email threads. That’s roughly an average of 12 a day.

As for my trash, it contained 129 threads, and it would probably contain more had Gmail not automatically deleted the messages that are older than 30 days.

That’s an approximate total of 488 email threads a month.

Google should create a Trends and Statistics page for Gmail. I think it would be interesting to see the number of messages sent, read, or processed throughout the year. Which months/weeks/days are the busiest? Who are the top senders? Most deleted/ignored mail? People who send the largest attachments? Then from that, suggest filters or solutions to optimize your email experience.

The more messages we have to deal with, the less time we spend focusing on doing actual work. As Merlin Mann explained on his website our attention is finite and we wear it thin every time we manage emails.