Extra Air! Extra Bland! New Similar Package! No Familiar Taste!

by 3baid

What in the world is going on? I just tried the “new extra-crunchy, extra-cremey” KitKat and it tastes like cheap biscuit dipped in carnation (condensed) milk. Now that I think about it, Carnation is a Nestle brand, so this is starting to make sense. What happened to the good ol’ main ingredient: chocolate? I could hardly taste any.

But Nestle’s isn’t the only company doing this. I’ve noticed others taking similar strategies lately: cheating consumers by slightly changing the packaging to imply “new” or “improved” product, then slightly changing the volume to imply a more feasible price point (although the cost per volume is higher and you tend to repurchase more often), and finally changing the formula or flavor slightly. “It cleans more effectively”. “It’s crunchier!”. No it’s not, it tastes more like cardboard now!

We’ve all seen the new Panadol packaging right? “IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!”. Sure. They’re either selling you the same thing or they’ve figured out a cheaper way of producing it. The smokescreens are just there for you to not notice the difference: it’s worse than before.